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Naughty Boy is located on Lygon street in the cross over between Carlton North and Princes Hill.

The large stripped back industrial space offers high quality breakfast and lunch in a relaxed setting, serving Allpress coffee.

We are proudly known for our famous and naughty InstaShakes.


  • Naughty Boy Cafe will entitle RUMA members to 15% off all items on the menu upon showing RUMA membership card in store.

    One (1) guest (non RUMA member) per RUMA member present is eligible for the 15% discount, but is limited to a maximum of 4 guests per visiting group of 4 RUMA members or more. (i.e. 2 RUMA members + 2 Guests, 4 RUMA members + 4 Guests, 6 RUMA members + 4 Guests, 10 RUMA members + 4 Guests).




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